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Are You confused?

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Misc.

Are you confused? Do you need direction in life? Why are you here? Does life have meaning? Why are you still waiting in the doctor’s office? Didn’t you get here, like, three hours BEFORE your scheduled appointment? Will your health insurance even cover this crap? How come your momma’s breath smells like a repugnant mixture of Theraflu and Scotch?

Well, you’re screwed, ’cause my about page won’t answer any of THOSE questions.

Anyway, more importantly: why did the sleepy herm suddenly turn into a cynical bastard? I mean, one minute he’s all “let’s tell some jokes,” and the next he’s all in your face with his baby-blood-thirsty god-hating atheism and what not? Is there a page on this site to explain this wacky phenomenon? (Hint: God didn’t do it. Sorry, I couldn’t resist) Have you tried reading the updated “about” page? That should help. Seriously.

It sure helped this guy. It helped the $HIT out of him.


I’ve recently thought about refuting several Christian apologetic articles, but that will take a lot of time and energy that I cannot devote in the meantime. I am also in the process of “cooling down.” You see, I’m the kind of person to get pissed off during an internet flame war and all, and frankly, I need to just chill. Bashing isn’t useful, question and debate are. So, for the aforementioned reasons, I have decided to do something else for now. I’m going to post links to articles on critical thinking and free thought, ’cause they’re awesome, and showing readers how to detect bullsh*t is arguably much more useful than pointing out every logical fallacy contained in every wacko’s articles on every unreasonable apologist’s site. So, without further ado, here is an introduction (for believers and non-believers), starting with some basic arguments for atheism and Biblical issues (Note: the majority of these articles where authored by Mr. Austin Cline from A Very special thank you to him, since I’m not the one who did any real work just now. I only posted links to his articles):

And here we find some tips for debate:

…And some articles on critical thinking in general:

…And there you have it. Hopefully, after looking through some of this, you will have learned something new.

It’s time for my first post in the Hippie Atheist Chronicles Column! Did you see what I did? I said “chronic!” Hahahaha. Pun INTENDED! Anyway, I’m sick and tired of people calling me a girl. One reason for this, I suspect, is my luscious, long, flowing hair. You know, the hair that smells like fruit and flowers because I like gender-non-specific shampoos? So what can I do? Cut it? No way! I freaking love my long hair! Time for an adventure in RPG form!