Are You confused?

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Misc.

Are you confused? Do you need direction in life? Why are you here? Does life have meaning? Why are you still waiting in the doctor’s office? Didn’t you get here, like, three hours BEFORE your scheduled appointment? Will your health insurance even cover this crap? How come your momma’s breath smells like a repugnant mixture of Theraflu and Scotch?

Well, you’re screwed, ’cause my about page won’t answer any of THOSE questions.

Anyway, more importantly: why did the sleepy herm suddenly turn into a cynical bastard? I mean, one minute he’s all “let’s tell some jokes,” and the next he’s all in your face with his baby-blood-thirsty god-hating atheism and what not? Is there a page on this site to explain this wacky phenomenon? (Hint: God didn’t do it. Sorry, I couldn’t resist) Have you tried reading the updated “about” page? That should help. Seriously.

It sure helped this guy. It helped the $HIT out of him.


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