My apologies. This Page is under revision…Don’t listen to that one post. It’s lying. 🙂

Okay, Not anymore. Now it’s telling the truth again.

Hello, and welcome to my blog, the Big Wonderful Blog of Awesomeness! Vague title, yes, but that’s because I have many different interests. I will now start speaking in the third person because it is cool. Note the awesomeness. And the smart-assery. Already, we know two things about the Sleepy Herm. He is both awesome and a smart-ass.

Why the site?


Wow! I want to meet him!

No, you don’t. But just in case you really do, you may leave comments. Be warned that, by contacting me, you relinquish your soul and all subsidiaries to me. That means I get to post anything you write me.


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