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I have risen from my grave, BITCHES!

In Idiotica, that means I’m back to blogging. Not that you would understand idiotica anyway. You’re probably a dumbass.

Just in case you cared, here is a small gallery of the memes I have made up.

See that foot print on your ass? That’s from just now. YOU’RE WELCOME.


Yoda Is Funny

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Misc.
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It’s time for my first post in the Hippie Atheist Chronicles Column! Did you see what I did? I said “chronic!” Hahahaha. Pun INTENDED! Anyway, I’m sick and tired of people calling me a girl. One reason for this, I suspect, is my luscious, long, flowing hair. You know, the hair that smells like fruit and flowers because I like gender-non-specific shampoos? So what can I do? Cut it? No way! I freaking love my long hair! Time for an adventure in RPG form!

Well, looks like it’s time for my first comedy article! Time for stupid puns! So, here are some V(tunnel)-Day cards hopefully you or your kids won’t be bringing home from school. Instead, let’s hope you/they bring home a Mew they found under a truck or something equally exciting or useful. So enjoy, reader (Who has a 50% chance of having boobs). Sit back, relax, put your Pokeballs back on your waist and stop cock fighting, dammit! It’s time to read about what (NOT) to say if you want to be more successful with catching the ladies/dudes. If your love interest(s)/stalking victim(s) happen to like Pokemon, then these should (NOT) be super effective. ‘Cause you know you want to catch ’em all.

That’s riiiiiight!!! It’s me! So, in an attempt to make me feel better (‘Cause it’s not like I was gonna try to make you feel better), I decided to post this nifty little picture:

So THIS is the story the fossils tell, huh?

So THIS is the story the fossils tell, huh? Jurassic Park would only be more awesome with this stuff going on.