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Legit steam codes are hard to come by for free, and many articles are written on the interwebz that claim to “generate” these codes. There are ways to get codes for almost free, meaning you can earn these codes by “paying” with time to complete tasks from networks. Another way to get them for free is to actually participate in a giveaway.

Fortunately for you, I’m feeling generous today and I’m giving away TWO codes on a first come, first serve basis.

You can find them in the link below.


As for finding more codes from other sources, look for legit sites such as CashCrate and PrizeRebel.


Steam Code Generator Download

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Misc.

Download a steam wallet code generator dood!

So I got a few steam codes from this website right here:

Steam Wallet Code Downoad

I’m Not Dead

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Misc.

I’m not dead. Just busy. I have absolutely no intentions of quitting my blog, but I think what I AM going to do is take it in a different direction. And, obviously, there’s a good chance that there’s gonna be a long hiatus between each post because I’m freaking busy. But yeah, I’m still here. There are just going to be some changes around here, and remember, kids:

Not posting since September or so =/= Sleepy is dead.

Good night.

(Or have a fucking awesome day).

1. Kings of Leon. They say they could use somebody, but who the hell needs them, amiright?!

2. Racists. I don’t discriminate; I hate all those jerks.

3. People who shit all over good rock music. All the good stuff is supposedly Satanic. Everything else just really sucks anymore.

4. Parents who hate their kids. This goes without explanation.

5. Parents who are completely non-involved with their kids. Half the time they don’t even know where the hell their kids are.

6. General bullshitters. You know what they sound like.

7. Fundamentalist butt wipes. Apparently Satan controls the world. Strange how he seems more busy than God. Also strange how God apparently needs so much money. And thinks so many people should die. Where’s the love again?

8. Nosy people. Like the parents who read all of your messages, monitor your calls…the in-laws that do the same…Learn to respect privacy, douches!

9. Politicians. They all suck. Even if they didn’t, it is logically impossible for all the people to be pleased with whoever is ruling. In ‘MERICA, if you put a Democrat in office, all the Republicans–especially the ultra-conservative ones–are going to bitch about it. If you put a Republican in office, all the Democrats are gonna bitch. And even if–by some insane twist of fate–some other clown gets elected, well, all the people who disagree with HIS policies are gonna bitch. You can’t please everybody. Everyone wants their own shit done with the government, and many times what one person wants is the exact freaking opposite of what another person wants. Some people are gonna get screwed no matter what.

10. People who think Pagans, Wiccans, New Agers, Satanists, and Atheists are all the same thing. Do some research, dumbasses. This is why no one takes you seriously.

11. People who are just plain stupid. Self-explanatory. Unless you’re a dumbass.

12. People who force lifestyle choices on other people. Get busy living your OWN dang life and stay out of other peoples’ affairs.

13. Conspiracy theorists. Yeah, whatever…I don’t care. You guys can hide in your little shelters and sell Armageddon-proof Twinky cakes to your hearts’ content. Go right ahead.

14. Spaghetti noodles. Disgusting.

15. Over-the-phone customer service. We all know over-the-phone customer service was invented by foreigners to get back at white people.

16. Internet trolls. Who doesn’t?

17. People who suck at being friends/girlfriends/boyfriends/basic aquantences. If you’re not really interested in someone, don’t make them think you are in the first damn place.

18. Logical fallacies. The world could certainly do without these.

19. Death. It’s a bitch.

20. Romance stories. Such crap. Yeah, sure, love is cool. It’s a pretty powerful thing. I’m just not into shitty books and movies.

I have risen from my grave, BITCHES!

In Idiotica, that means I’m back to blogging. Not that you would understand idiotica anyway. You’re probably a dumbass.

Just in case you cared, here is a small gallery of the memes I have made up.

See that foot print on your ass? That’s from just now. YOU’RE WELCOME.